Posted 10/25/2019

The fall brick orders have been installed!

Take a minute to stop by and see the newly installed bricks!

Posted 9/10/2019

VTOT Flag at sunrise on 9/11

The flag at half-staff over the Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township at dawn on 9/11/2019

Posted 8/1/2019

Inaugural Memorial Day Parade

Residents and Veterans honored Fallen Service Members with the 2019 Memorial Day Parade and Commemoration that concluded at the VTOT site. A WWII B25 Marauder Bomber from the Yankee Air Museum made three wonderful flyovers during the parade. This inaugural event was such a great success that the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce has already begun planning for the 2020 Memorial Day Parade!

Upcoming Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township Events

Event 12:0 PM.
Memorial Day Parade
Historical Marker Dedication 5:30 PM.
The Declaration of Independence marker will be unveiled
Event 5:36 PM.
Due Date for Fall Paver Orders

Tribute Paver Locator

There is no better way to pay tribute to a veteran than through an attractive engraved brick recognizing them for their service.

If you would like to order an engraved paver, Click Here.

New orders received by September 1st, 2020 will be installed by Veteran's Day 2020.

To locate a Tribute Paver: Enter the last name (or just the first few letters) of either the purchaser or honoree.

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