Posted 12/12/2018

Join us for the Valentine's Gala!

Posted 11/11/2018

Veteran's Day Open House

Veterans and Scouts gather for a photo during the Veteran's Day Open House at the VTOT Tribute to mark the 100th anniversary of the day the guns fell silent on the Western Front in World-War I.

Posted 11/9/2018

First Snow

The first snow of the year blankets the Tribute.

Posted 10/25/2018

The fall brick orders have been installed!

Take a minute to stop by and see the newly installed bricks!

Posted 8/21/2018

Tribute Receives $10,000 from Venture Global Engineering Foundation

A huge thank you to the VGE Foundation, which has awarded the Veterans Tribute with a grant of $10,000.

Posted 8/1/2018

Braving Rain - the Tribute is dedicated!

Despite the rain, over 500 people donned rain gear in order to take part in the patriotic festivities, highlighted by an Ohio National Guard F16 flyover and a stirring rendition of our national anthem. Click on the image above to see the slide show!

Posted 7/13/2018

Landscaping is in

With the landscaping and irrigation in place, only the final asphalt layer and a few minor details remain to be finished before the end of the month dedication.

Posted 6/26/2018

Let the Bricklaying Begin!

The paver bricks are being placed! Did you honor your favorite veteran with an engraved brick? If not, get your order in now for the next installation wave!

Posted 6/22/2018

First Glass Panel in Place!

The first of the Service glass panels is placed into the stainless steel frame.

Posted 6/15/2018

More Progress!

Granite is in, and tribute frames are being installed.

Posted 6/14/2018

Granite moves into Place

The beautiful weather has allowed excellent progress, with the crane on site yesterday and today, moving the several-ton blocks of granite into place. Following placement, the granite will be grouted and the frames for the glass panels will be put into place.

Posted 6/7/2018

Granite Arrives!

Wow, the beautiful granite work has arrived on site. This spectacular stone will stand in honor to our armed forces. Progressing quickly now!

Posted 6/1/2018

Arial View - Curbs are in!

The concrete curbs are in, forming up the site, and really making the outlines of the project visible!

Posted 4/12/2018

Foundations Take Shape!

The foundation for the services panels has been poured and the layout of the tribute is beginning to take shape. As the weather improves this spring, construction will move ahead. We Still Need Your Help! Any and all contributions are appreciated, we are still short of our fundraising goal. Recognize a veterans service with a tribute brick, or make a donation. With your help we can drive to completion, and launch with our dedication in July!

Posted 11/14/2017

VTOT Site Work Begins

The site preparation work has begun. Thanks to all of the sponsors and donors who have made this possible!

Upcoming Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township Events

VTOT Black Tie Valentine’s Day Gala 12:1 PM.
VTOT Black Tie Valentine's Day Gala
Event 5:36 PM.
Due Date for Spring Paver Orders

Tribute Sponsors

The VTOT is eternally grateful for the generosity of all those people, companies and individuals who have supported this project in any way and at any level. Without you, there would be no Tribute. We would like to make special note of those who have made contributions as TRIBUTE SPONSORS. This page will be updated as construction of the Tribute continues. All major donors to the Tribute will be recognized here and on the Donor Recognition Stand.

TRIBUTE SPONSORS - The VTOT Board would like to recognize those individuals and organizations who have made major financial donations to fund the construction of specific elements of the Tribute.

As of July 15, 2018

Flagpole Sponsor: Bill and Shirlee Fox

Phase Two & Endowment Sponsors Available

American Hero Donors & Sponsors(Air Force & Coast Guard available)

  • The Moceri Family: Hero Donor and USMC Glass Panel Sponsor
  • The Kozyra Family: US Army Glass Panel Sponsor
  • The Gentile Family: Hero Donor and Granite Bench Sponsor
  • The Garrett Family: Merchant Marine Panel Sponsor
  • Terrence & Leighanne Bishop: The Navy Glass Panel Sponsor

Patriot Donors & Granite Reflecting Bench Sponsors

  • Bolyard Lumber & D'Agostini Land Co: Patriot Donors
  • Anthony & Marcia Battaglia: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • David & Shannon Sokol: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Dennis & Donna DaSilva: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Wyndgate / Westwynd Golf Club: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Derek & Barbara Gentile: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Kieth & Jonna Fetzner: Granite Bench Sponsors

Metal Reflecting Bench Sponsors

  • Anthony Pamplona
  • Harold Bjornstad
  • Oakland Church Family
  • John Lovasco
  • The Gonser Family
  • Jim & Bob Riehl
  • LaFountain Tree Specialists
  • Blossom Ridge Construction Team

Freedom Tree Sponsors

  • Gordon & Renee Stein
  • J.S. Capital Equities
  • Eianr Olson
  • Eric Burough
  • Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bishop
  • Carmody & Ward Families
  • Dave Bruszewski
  • Tim & Teresa Reese
  • Stan & Grainne Krasovic
  • Harvey Hohauser & Associates

Minuteman Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Aiello
  • Michelle & Tony Chabot
  • Community Foundation of SE Michigan
  • Tom Denek
  • Larry & Karen Drake
  • Mr. Pietro Duronio
  • George & Phyllis Googasian
  • General Dynamics Land Systems
  • Herb & Linda Henkel
  • William Luther III
  • Robert Lutz
  • Charles Mann
  • MAYCO International
  • Frank Moceri
  • Frank Rewold
  • Sue Ann Richards
  • Par Sterile Systems
  • Jeff Schmitz
  • Matthew, Mark & Mitchell Sokol
  • Think Sync Advisors
  • Ken Tompor
  • Donald Westphal

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