Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township

5236 Adams Rd – Oakland Township, Michigan

The VTOT is eternally grateful for the generosity of all those people, companies and individuals who have supported this project in any way and at any level.

Without you, there would be no Tribute. We would like to make special note of those who have made contributions as IN KIND DONORS and those who are TRIBUTE SPONSORS. This page will be updated as construction of the Tribute continues. All the MAJOR DONORS to the Tribute will be recognized here and on the Donor Recognition Stand at the Tribute once built.

In Kind Donors

The VTOT Board would like to recognize those companies, contractors, skilled trades people, individuals and organizations who have made substantial contributions to the Tribute in the form of donated professional services and/or materials. Without their donated time, effort and expertise, the Tribute would remain just an idea.

In Kind Donors coming soon

Tribute Sponsors

The VTOT Board would like to recognize those individuals and organizations who have made major financial donations to fund the construction of specific elements of the Tribute.

Tribute Flagpole Sponsor: William M. Fox and Family

American Hero Donors & Sponsors (Navy Available)

  • The Moceri Family: Hero Donors and USMC Glass Panel Sponsors
  • The Kozyra Family: US Army Glass Panel Sponsor
  • The Gentile Family: Hero Donor and Granite Bench Sponsor
  • The Garrett Family: Merchant Marine Panel Sponsor
  • Terrence & Leighanne Bishop: Air Force and Coast Guard Glass Panel Sponsor
  • Steve & Lynda Tallman and Family: Historical Marker and Donor Wall Sponsors
  • Joe and Pamela Kay: Hero Donors and Historical Marker Sponsor
  • Available: Navy Glass Panel Sponsor

Patriot Donors & Sponsors

  • Bolyard Lumber & D’Agostini Land Co: Patriot Donors
  • Anthony & Marcia Battaglia: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • David Sokol: Granite Bench Sponsor
  • Dennis & Donna DaSilva: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Wyndgate / Westwynd Golf Club: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Derek & Barbara Gentile: Granite Bench Sponsors
  • Kieth & Jonna Fetzner: Granite Bench Sponsors

Historical Document Maker Sponsors

  • Steve & Lynda Tallman and Family: Declaration of Independence Sponsors
  • Richard & Anita Shore and Family: Constitution Sponsors
  • Terry & Pat Gonser and Family: Bill of Rights Sponsor
  • John Modetz & Family: Lincoln’s Gettysburg & 2nd Inaugural Addresses Sponsor
  • Joe and Pamela Kay: Famous US Historical Quotes Sponsors

Tribute Walk Bench Sponsors

  • Vito Pampalona
  • Harold Bjornstad
  • Oakland Church Family
  • John Lovasco
  • The Gonser Family
  • Jim & Bob Riehl
  • LaFountain Tree Specialists
  • Blossom Ridge Construction Team

Freedom Corner Bench Sponsors (2 of 3 Available)

  • Ann & Andy Ceranowicz
  • Available
  • Available

Freedom Tree Sponsors (Many Available)

  • Gordon & Renee Stein
  • J.S. Capital Equities
  • Eianr Olson
  • Eric Burough
  • Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bishop
  • Carmody & Ward Families
  • Dave Bruszewski
  • Tim & Teresa Reese
  • Stan & Grainne Krasovic
  • Harvey Hohauser & Associates

Minuteman Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Aiello
  • Michelle & Tony Chabot
  • Community Foundation of SE Michigan
  • Tom Denek
  • Larry & Karen Drake
  • Mr. Pietro Duronio
  • George & Phyllis Googasian
  • General Dynamics Land Systems
  • Herb & Linda Henkel
  • William Luther III
  • Robert Lutz
  • Charles Mann
  • MAYCO International
  • Frank Moceri
  • Frank Rewold
  • Sue Ann Richards
  • Par Sterile Systems
  • Jeff Schmitz
  • Matthew, Mark & Mitchell Sokol
  • Think Sync Advisors
  • Ken Tompor
  • Donald Westphal