Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township

5236 Adams Rd – Oakland Township, Michigan

Honoring all Veterans of our Armed Forces and their role in preserving our freedom.

The Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township (VTOT) is a non-profit corporation chartered by the state of Michigan and created solely for the construction and operation of a tribute in Oakland Township to the United States Armed Forces and Military Veterans. The tribute is located at 5236 Adams Road, Oakland Township, Michigan.

Bringing the Veterans Tribute to a reality is a community effort. Your support is needed to complete this worthwhile project.

There are three ways you can get involved:

Tribute Sponsor

Become a major donor and sponsor a specific element of the Tribute such as a stone bench or glass Military Service Panel. Tribute Sponsors will be recognized on the Donor Recognition Stand at the entrance to the site. If you are interested in learning about this option, please contact us to find out how to become a significant part of this important work.

Direct Donation

General donations of any amount will be used to support the construction and maintenance of the Veterans Tribute. Our donations are handled by the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester. 

Fill out and mail this form for check or credit card donations

Use this link to donate directly on-line via PayPal

Tribute Pavers

There is no better lasting way to recognize a veteran’s service to the country than by including them on a memorial brick in the Tribute walkways. Tribute pavers are available to honor any military person or organization and are not limited to Oakland Township residents.

Tributes pavers will be installed in three places around the site:

  • Along the walking path from the parking lot
  • In the area around the US flagpole
  • In the large arcs in front of the glass service towers

Each area will be bordered on both edges with a slightly darker plain paver.

The Tribute Pavers will be laid between the border pavers, and are laser engraved for a lasting, high quality appearance.